sitar arts center

“The Sitar Arts Center has introduced me to an entirely different world.  A world of freedom. Sitar has enabled me to express myself.”      - Tyra Bell, Age 14

The Sitar Center is a community arts center located in the multicultural Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. It focuses primarily on programs and activities for at-risk youth and their families, but also reaches out to all community members through shared experiences in the arts. 

Design of the facility centers around colorful practice rooms and a kids' cafe. Studios for the visual arts ring the perimeter, taking advantage of daylight. A theater is finished with red velvet seats and polished metal rails. By providing a safe, structured and nurturing environment for the exploration of music, dance, drama, writing and visual arts, the Sitar Center serves as a catalyst not only for the imagination, but for developing the cognitive and life skills of all participating community members.

"Sitar Arts Center is like a second home to me. It has provided me with countless opportunities and experiences and has allowed me to connect and share my talent with other teens in my community."      - Deonte, Age 17

“Sitar Arts Center has not only given me a deeper, more elaborate understanding of the arts, but also a home where I have matured and grown around the arts. Because of Sitar Arts Center, I will be graduating from high school and going to college.”      - Joel, Age 17